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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, January 24, 2013
Grindal to oppose Pert in Sedgwick selectman’s race

by Faith DeAmbrose

Longtime first selectman Nelson Grindal is ready for another seat on the town’s board of selectmen; this time seeking the seat of second selectman, currently held by Colby Pert. Grindal and Pert have met the January 16 date to return nomination papers for the three-year term, according to town clerk Cindy Reilly.

And while there are more than enough candidates to fill the one open selectman’s seat, there are not enough declared candidates to fill the school committee.

Susan Ford, who was appointed this past year to fill a vacancy, will seek election to the remaining year of the term she currently holds. There are two three-year seats on the committee that are part of the regular rotation of open seats and with the deadline now passed, no one has filed papers to fill the seats.

The open seats, which had belonged to Clare Grindal and Ashley Pesek, will have to be filled by write-in candidates. Residents can declare themselves as a write-in candidate at any time before the election takes place and do not have to collect signatures or file nomination papers. In the event that write-in candidates do not successfully fill the seats, appointments can be made by the board of selectmen.

Sedgwick will begin its town meeting on Friday, March 1, with elections and will reconvene Saturday, March 2, at the historic town house to vote on the remainder of the articles.