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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, December 19, 2013
Maine Connection
Snowden publishes volume three of his poems

Norman Snowden of Deer Isle publishes book of poetry

Norman Snowden has recently published Maine Connection Volume III, poems and stories of a unique lifestyle on Deer Isle.

Photo courtesy of Norman Snowden

Island native Norman Snowden has completed his third work of poems, called Maine Connection Volume III, according to a press release. The production and printing of the book has been managed by Penobscot Books, a division of Penobscot Bay Press in Stonington.

Snowden was born in Stonington and grew up in the Sunset area of Deer Isle. He left the island in 1962 for employment on a yacht in New York. He returned home for a short while before he was inducted into the Army. He was honorably discharged at Fort Belvoir, Va., in 1967.

He later made a career working for Civil Service in Virginia. He met and married Betty Jane Hypes and settled in Gloucester, Va. He has two children, Pauline and Martin, and four grandchildren. He writes a column in a local Virginia paper and shares his poetry with Island Ad-Vantages and The Gloucester Gazette (Virginia).

Snowden’s reason for writing his poems, which he often calls sonnets, is to “keep the memories of the people I remember on the island alive….Even if you don’t know the people, I try to portray a moral to each reader that we all can learn from….If good times are not recorded through pictures, electronic recording, or writing, they may be totally lost in time for future generations.”

This volume contains 42 poems, both funny and poignant, often dealing with Snowden’s family. Included are stories about the annual 4th of July parade, taking the train to Maine, his father’s ham radio, and the power of his mother’s smile. As Snowden says, “As I look back over the years, I realize how fortunate we were to live in a world without locks on the doors. A time when musicians would play just for the sake of being together and spreading joy in their community.”

Snowden has dedicated his book “to all the people I have known as I grew up on Deer Isle, Maine, who molded my life.”

Maine Connection Volume III is available both in print and as an ebook. To order the print version, call 374-2341 or visit penbay The ebook is available at