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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, April 4, 2013
Surry Municipal ballot has one candidate

by Bette Britt

Dale Sprinkle, incumbent

When first running for the board of selectmen in 2010, Dale Sprinkle sought a three-year term as a relatively new (2001) Surry citizen, but his dedication to the town was already established by service as a member of the Planning Board, including three and a half years as chairman.

While running for selectman in 2010, Sprinkle said he’d “like to spearhead whatever it takes to keep Surry a bedroom community” by tightening the existing comprehensive plan “to keep Surry the way it is.” He also expressed concern for the Patten Pond dam, the extent of its damage, how to repair it and where to find funds.

Three years later, nobody came forward to run against him, and Sprinkle reported at Monday’s SCIA meeting that the team of Steve Bemiss, Bill Matlock and Dale Sprinkle, three men with “different career paths,” used their talents as selectmen to accomplish much for the town—and he was able to tick off a list which included fixing the dam, at reasonable cost, with one-half paid by Ellsworth.

The selectmen, a “smooth-running, well-oiled machine” in Sprinkle’s words, have also worked on fiscal matters for the town, among them setting up capital accounts for road repair and fire equipment.

Sprinkle represents smaller Maine towns on a Maine Municipal Association policy committee and at Monday’s meeting, smiled at the 50-plus citizens in attendance, told the joke about “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and urged re-electing him selectman for a second term.