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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, April 25, 2013
Where can I get online?

Blue Hill

Blue Hill Public Library (374-5515), 5 Parker Point Rd., public computers, Wi-Fi.; Marlintini’s, 83 Mines Rd., Wi-Fi; TradeWinds Market Place, 15 South St., Wi-Fi in parking lot; Mill Stream, 58 Main St., Wi-Fi; The De-Li, 27 Water St., Wi-Fi.

East Blue Hill Public Library (374-5577), 9 Curtis Cove Rd., East Blue Hill., Wi-Fi.


Friend Memorial Library, 1 Reach Rd., Wi-Fi.


Free Public Library (326-4560), Coastal Rd., public computer, Wi-Fi.


MarKel’s Bakehouse, 26 Water St., Wi-Fi during business hours; Compass Rose Bookstore, 3 Main St., Wi-Fi; Emerson Hall, 67 Court St., Wi-Fi during business hours; Witherle Memorial Library (326-4375), 41 School St., public computer, Wi-Fi (ask for password during open hours).

Deer Isle

Chase Emerson Memorial Library (348-2899), Main St., public computer, Wi-Fi; Island Country Club, 442 Sunset Rd., open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wi-Fi.


Island Community Center, School St., Wi-Fi; Stonington Public Library (367-5926), Main St., public computer, Wi-Fi; Susie Q’s Sweets and Curiosities, School St., Wi-Fi; Penobscot East Resource Center, Atlantic Ave., Wi-Fi.

Isle au Haut

Revere Memorial Library, 10 Main St., Wi-Fi.