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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, April 25, 2013
Who will be next?
Gathering of puffins invade Brooksville…for a cause


A gathering of puffins on their first placement. Will your lawn be next?

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by Faith DeAmbrose

Under the cover of darkness they appear—where they come from and where they go next is really anyone’s guess. That’s part of the mystery. While the Keepers of the Brooksville Baptist Church are behind the mystery, only their note will explain the rest.

The Keepers of the Brooksville Baptist Church are looking to raise funds to paint the church sanctuary and believe they have come up with a creative solution—the placement of puffins.

“We are not sure if this idea will fly,” said Keeper Audrey Peasley, “but we are going to give it a try; try something different.” The idea: a midnight placement of a gathering of puffins, to be found on the lawn of a Brookville resident the next day. And how will this help raise funds? Well, that is the part the puffin recipient will need to read the accompanying card to understand.

The creation of the puffins was the “winter project” of Keeper Linda Loretto who made the three birds out of wood. And when she was done with them her first clandestine mission was to deliver them to the home of Audrey and Berwyn Peasley. “I woke up and went to get the newspaper and there they were,” Peasley said of the puffins.

The idea was borrowed and modified slightly from a fundraiser conducted last year by the Waldoboro Fire Department in which a flock of pink flamingos were placed on the lawns of unsuspecting residents. While Peasley, Loretto and the rest of the Keepers thought the idea was creative, they knew that they needed something that better represented the area.

The fundraising effort seeks to raise $5,000. For more information about the Keepers or to learn how to contribute—even without a lawn full of puffins—contact Peasley or Loretto.