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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, September 6, 2012
Skillet toss wows crowd with discus-like throw topping 80 feet

Ari Leach of Blue Hill

Ari Leach of Blue Hill, “Kitten” reserve champion of this year’s Women’s Skillet Toss at the Blue Hill Fair on Sunday, September 2.

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by Jessica Brophy

Audible gasps and loud applause met Stacey Connor’s second toss in the qualifying round of the “Intercontinental & Greater Hancock County Championship Women’s Skillet Toss” on Sunday at the Blue Hill Fair.

Connor, competing in the “Kittens 30-45” category, tossed her second skillet “discus-style” and topped out at 80 feet, six inches. The judges had to get a second tape measure to reach the spot where her skillet landed.

The Women’s Skillet Toss is a Fair favorite, where iron skillets (provided by the Fair) are tossed down a center line. Any distance off the center line is deducted from the total, and anyone stepping over the line is summarily honked at by an air horn and disqualified.

In the other categories, Ari Leach of Blue Hill took the “Kittens 18-29” category with a first-round toss of 49 feet six inches, and Darla Rice of Gouldsboro took first in the “Cougars 46-64” category with a first-round toss of 43 feet four inches. There were no entrants for the “Cougars 65 and Older.”

In the final round, where each division tossed again, Ari Leach’s throw was 40 feet eight inches. Darla Rice’s throw was 45 feet five inches, and so dead on center the judges merely lifted the skillet to read the distance off the measuring tape.

Connor outshone her competitors again, though this time with a distance of a “mere” 65 feet, one inch. Connor was dubbed this year’s “Kitten” champion, and Rice the “Cougar” champion, both receiving a $50 prize. Leach was named the “Kitten” reserve champion and received a $25 prize.