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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, May 24, 2012
Both DISHS teams take care of business

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by Jack Scott

The girls softball team beat Sumner 9-3. Sydney Ouzts gave up four hits with two walks and three strikeouts. We only committed a couple errors, but only one of the runs was earned. Once again, Sumner bats well and doesn’t strike out a lot.

We did show better patience at the plate and hit well. Chelsea Brown had a double and two singles with two RBIs, Moriah Nutter had a double and a single with an RBI, Emily Cormier and Julie Hutchins each had a single with two RBIs, Janelle Ciomei had an RBI double, and Amber Jones and Haley Brewer each had a single.

The girls easily beat their only point-worthy opponent, winning the double header with Katahdin 15-2 and 13-0. In the first game, which lasted seven innings, we started slow, taking a few innings to adjust to hitting the slow pitching. Once we did, we hit well with 20 hits. Sydney Ouzts gave up five hits with seven strikeouts and one walk.

Amber Jones had a double and three singles for four RBIs, Julie Hutchins a double and two singles for three RBIs, Janelle Ciomei hit a home run and a triple for four RBIs, Moriah Nutter three singles with two RBIs, Sarah Boutilier a double and a single with an RBI, Emily Cormier two singles with an RBI, Chelsea Brown two singles, Michala Brown a double, and Sydney Ouzts a single.

In the second game, which we won 13-0, Sydney Ouzts gave up three hits with six strikeouts and one walk. Once again we hit well with 15 hits in five innings. Chelsea Brown had a triple and a single with an RBI, Amber Jones had two singles with three RBIs, Janelle Ciomei two doubles with an RBI, Moriah Nutter a double and a single with an RBI, Haley Brewer two singles with an RBI, Julie Hutchins two singles, Sydney Ouzts a double with two RBIs, Sarah Boutilier an RBI single, and Abby Knowlton and Michala Brown each with a single.

The boys baseball team broke open a close game to beat Sumner 9-1. It was a 1-1 game until the fourth inning when we scored three runs and then put up five runs in the fifth. Joe Condon pitched the first three innings, giving up two hits with two strikeouts and one walk. Sam Grindle pitched the next three, giving up one hit with four strikeouts and no walks. Hayden Ciomei pitched the seventh inning with two strikeouts.

Sam Grindle had a double and a single with two RBIs, Nathan Davis had a double and a single, Joe Condon had two singles with an RBI, and Connor Morey, Kevin Melanio, Nick Trundy, and Kyle Seile each had a single with an RBI.

The boys easily took a point-worthy double header from Katahdin 18-4 and 10-0. In the first game, Connor Morey pitched the five innings, giving up seven hits with 10 strikeouts and two walks. We jumped out with seven runs in the first and then let Katahdin back in to lead 8-4 after three innings. We broke the game open with eight runs in the fourth and that was enough to end it after five innings.

We hit well with Joe Condon hitting a two-run home run and a single, Connor Morey three singles with three RBIs, Nick Trundy and Nathan Davis three singles with an RBI, Kyle Seile two singles with four RBIs, Sam Grindle two singles with two RBIs, Curtis Farrin a single with three RBIs, and Jake Starkey and Hayden Ciomei each with a single.

The second game went about the same except that we didn’t put the game away until we scored five runs in the sixth to make it 10-0 and end the game. Sam Grindle pitched, giving up four hits with 12 strikeouts and one walk.

Hayden Ciomei had three singles with an RBI, Joe Condon had a solo homerun, Kyle Seile had two singles, Connor Morey had a single with two RBIs, and Curtis Farrin, Sam Grindle, and Nathan Davis each had a single. We played well in both games and these were Heal Points that will really help us.

The girls are 11-0 and climbed to sixth only to slip back to seventh. The Heal Points change daily and we are suffering from the County Shuffle where the teams beat each other to pass back and forth their points. To get any higher, we will need help from the teams we have beaten. We will certainly be traveling for at least one playoff game if not two.

The boys at 7-4 have snuck back into fourth place, though it is a tight race. We played well against Katahdin when we needed to and now we just have to stay focused on hitting and defense and keep playing the same. It is a busy week ahead with a double header with Jonesport this Saturday.

Boys tennis gets three more wins

The girls tennis team won a match with Sumner where the only game played was at the number one singles. Esther Adams played her last game on the home court, easily beating her opponent 8-0. The rest of the games were won by us by forfeit.

The girls went to Piscataquis without Esther Adams and lost both matches, but did well without Esther at the number one singles. We lost the first match 4-1 with two of the matches going into extra innings, so to speak. In the singles, Allison Cormier lost 9-8, losing the tiebreaker 7-3, Kristyn Davis lost 9-8, losing the tie breaker 7-3, and Megan Weed won 8-1. We forfeited both doubles.

We lost the second match 3-2 and in the match singles, Kristyn Davis lost 8-0, Megan Weed won 8-3, and Mandi Davis won 8-5. Once again we forfeited both the doubles matches.

The boys tennis team beat Sumner 3-2. In the singles, Ole Bartos lost 8-6 and Drew Siebert lost 8-3, knowing that the match was won because Sumner didn’t have any more players and the rest of the games were forfeited to us.

The boys beat Piscataquis 4-1 in each of the two matches we played. In the first match singles, Ole Bartos won 8-5, Drew Siebert lost 8-6, and Tim Cormier won 8-3. In the doubles, Scott Roy/Ivan Zembrusky won 9-7 and Doug Heanssler/Andy Turner won 8-3.

In the second game singles, Ole Bartos won 8-0, Drew Siebert won 8-5, and Tim Cormier won 8-2. In the doubles, Scott Roy/Ivan Zembrusky lost 8-6 and Andy Turner/Doug Heanssler won 8-2.

The girls at 2-10 have made great improvement since the beginning of the season and still may have some postseason play. They are currently in the last playoff position.

The boys ended up with a 7-5 record and are in the middle of the pack of playoff teams at eighth. They have been a pleasant surprise with their play this season and were close in every game they played except to top seeded George Stevens.

Drew Siebert

Drew Siebert

Photo by Jack Scott
Esther Adams

Esther Adams

Photo by Jack Scott