News Feature

Blue Hill & Brooksville
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, December 13, 2012
Nomination papers to be released in Blue Hill, Brooksville

by Faith DeAmbrose

Nomination papers for municipal and school seats are becoming available in Blue Hill and Brooksville.

The town of Brooksville released its nomination papers on December 12. Open seats include:

One three-year seat on the board of selectmen, currently held by John Gray;

One one-year seat as tax collector, currently held by Yvonne Redman;

One one-year year seat as town clerk, currently held by Amber Bakeman;

One one-year seat as treasurer, currently held by Freida Peasley;

One one-year seat as fire chief, currently held by Matt Dow;

One one-year term as road commissioner, currently held by Mark Blake;

Two three-year openings on the school board, currently held by Dana Hooper and Helen Condon;

Three three-year terms on the budget and advisory committee, currently held by Earl Clifford Jr., Ann Ebeling and Russ Dischinger;

One three-year term on the planning board, currently held by Gerald Gray.

Papers must be returned by 8 p.m. January 17.

The town of Blue Hill will release nomination papers on Wednesday, December 19.

There will be two open seats on the board of selectmen, including a two-year seat left vacant by the death of Selectman Duane Gray in September and one three-year seat currently held by Jim Schatz. Those wishing to run must specify which seat they intend to run for.

There will be one open three-year seat on the school board. This seat is currently held by Jon Smallidge.

There are two open three-year seats on the planning board. These seats are currently held by Peter d’Entremont and Fern Leach.

Papers are due back by the close of business February 18.