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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, September 22, 2011
Walker Pond Committee moves forward on boat launch site

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by Jonathan Thomas

Brooksville and Sedgwick selectmen, meeting jointly as the Walker Pond access committee on September 14, voted to approve an additional $12,000 expenditure for preparation of a boat launch site. This work would be done by M.E. Astbury & Son, Inc., with available funds.

The committee also asked former Sedgwick selectman Nelson Grindal to contact George Powell at the Department of Conservation to see if $4,000 of $250,000 in grant money could be used to transport to the site and install the concrete planks to be used for the boat ramp. Astbury would also do this work. (See September 8 issue of The Weekly Packet.)

Grindal said that because of environmental rules to protect water quality, such work would need to be completed before October 1, unless an extension were granted. Any work below the water line not completed this fall could not be resumed until after July 15 of next year.

Board members said even if these steps are completed, they do not expect the road and launch site to be safe for use by boaters this fall.

Sedgwick First Selectmen Neil Davis said the committee should work this winter on an ordinance that would regulate use of the site.

The other Sedgwick selectmen, Colby Pert and Victor Smith, were present, along with Brooksville selectmen John Gray (chairman), Richard Bakeman and Darrell Fowler.

The next regular meeting of the committee will be on Wednesday morning, October 12, at 9 a.m. in the Brooksville Public Service building.