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Web exclusive, March 4, 2011
Brooksville town meeting
Ordinances and fire truck proposal to break routine at annual meeting

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by Jonathan Thomas

Brooksville voters will consider a set of warrant articles similar to those of 2010 when they assemble in the Brookville Elementary School on Tuesday, March 8, at 7 p.m. as part of the annual town meeting.

As reported in the February 3 issue of The Weekly Packet, the total appropriation budget for the municipal accounts is expected to be down approximately 1.85 percent, if the recommendations of the Budget and Advisory Committee are followed. The total approved by the committee was $715,724, down approximately $13,500. (The amounts for education and the county tax are not included in the above figures.)

The major attention of the Brooksville residents is likely to be on the ordinance referendum voting scheduled for Monday, March 7, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Brooksville Public Service Building. The articles are numbered M3, M4, and M5 on the warrant, and are about blueberry spraying, local food and self-governance, and cell towers.

Two significant articles in the warrant relate to the fire department’s plans to purchase a new fire truck to replace a truck that is failing. Article M26 requests $30,000 for the fire truck capital reserve account. In 2010, $7,000 was added. The next article reads, “To see if the Town will authorize the Selectmen to research the funding and financing necessary for purchasing a new Fire Truck for the BVFD.” These articles are the follow-up to a presentation the fire department made at a recent meeting of the budget and advisory committee.

The new warrant articles for 2011 include $2,000 to replenish the animal control account and $3,000 for the legal account. Other new appropriation requests are for cemetery maintenance, $2,925 to supplement existing trust accounts, and requests from Community Health and Counseling Services, $492, and the Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, $65.

Last year there were three articles to amend the harbor ordinance provisions on town landings. This year there is an article that would require identification numbers on moorings or winter poles in waters other than Buck’s Harbor.

There are two warrant articles in which the committee recommends no funding. The budget committee is recommending that the request for $4,000 from watercraft excise for the coastal account not be funded because of the level of existing reserves in that account.