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Deer Isle
Web exclusive, March 11, 2011
Cell tower nears completion

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by Jonathan Thomas

The newly erected cell phone tower on North Deer Isle Road will soon be in operation, according to Blaine Hopkins of Global Tower Assets, LLC, the company that built and owns the tower.

Hopkins said the work on the 190-foot tower, located on land leased from Milton and Priscilla Haskell, was delayed by stormy weather in January. The site’s electric power was connected on March 3.

The tower’s primary tenant is AT&T. Information on when AT&T will begin service from the site was not available from company officials at press time. However, Hopkins said that AT&T would begin using the tower as soon as possible after testing is completed, which would likely be within 30 days.

Hopkins said that a second cell phone company—name not disclosed—is likely to sign a lease for the next lower space on the tower by April. The tower was designed to hold antennas for up to six cell phone companies.

The Haskell site was the third of three sites where tower permits were issued in the spring of 2010. (See June 24 issue of Island Ad-Vantages.) Hopkins said that with his company’s tower in place, which was an investment of $400,000, it is unlikely that towers on the other permitted sites will be built.