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Web exclusive, June 3, 2011
Brooksville voters find more funds for Walker Pond access

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by Faith DeAmbrose

Attaining a road to Walker Pond is one step closer to becoming a reality, as 15 Brooksville voters authorized funds at a special town meeting, Thursday, May 26.

Without any questions, voters supported an article to raise $49,000 for “Phase 1 of the access road from the Cooper Farm Road to Walker Pond.”

Sedgwick is slated to hold its own special town meeting June 23, where voters will be asked to raise the same amount for the joint project.

Voters also approved $15,000 to help repair the town house. Selectman John Gray explained that when window trim was recently removed in the town house, extensive rot was discovered. Gray said it appeared to be shoddy workmanship that has caused the damage to the 10-year-old building, but the company that built the building has gone out of business, making accountability difficult. The town was able to recoup $2,500 from its insurance carrier, said Gray.

Even though an additional $65,000 was raised above and beyond what was voted at town meeting, the selectmen explained that taxes would not go up. Tax bills will be sent to property owners in the next few weeks, but due to a decrease in expenses (most notably the Walker Pond land purchase payment), the mill rate is expected to decrease from last year’s 4.85 to approximately 4.7 this year.