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Web exclusive, June 17, 2011
ReMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, June 15, 1961
Patrons will get RFD route
The Weekly Packet, Celebrating our 50th year

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Four post offices will be closed in Brooksville at the end of this month, and an RFD route established to serve patrons of the area.

To be closed are the post offices at North Brooksville, West Brooksville, Brooksville and Cape Rosier. The South Brooksville Post Office will be elevated to third class and will be renamed Brooksville.

Service at the Harborside Post Office will remain as at present. Notice of the change was received from the regional office in Boston.

Currently, three of the four offices to be closed are served by acting postmasters. Postmaster at the fourth, Cape Rosier, Mrs. Linwood Farr, will become driver for the RFD route.

Acting postmasters at the offices to be closed at the end of the month are Mrs. Ralph Reynolds, North Brooksville; Mrs. Hollis Jones, Brooksville; and Mrs. Maurice Pleasley, West Brooksville.

Mrs. John Ryan will remain as postmaster of the South Brooksville office.

The new RFD route will have a 47 mile driving distance and serve approximately 140 patrons around Brooksville and 111 on Cape Rosier….

Patrons who will be on the new RFD route are asked to place mail boxes so they will be on the route driver’s right.

The change also will mean elimination of the star route now driven by Lyman Gray from Brooksville to Sedgwick. A portion of the star route out of Blue Hill driven by Mrs. Edward Owens, will be eliminated.