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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, August 11, 2011 and The Weekly Packet, August 10, 1961
ReMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, August 10, 1961
Helen Nearing best of show in Brooksville
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Helen Nearing received the “Best of Show” award at the summer flower show of the Brooklin Garden Club last Tuesday in the Brooksville Community Center.

Mrs. Virginia Walton received a special award in the class for arrangement of flowers and fruit in any container.

Blue ribbon winners:

Arrangement of flowers and fruit in any container—Mrs. H. Willis, Mrs. Irene Anderson (2), Mrs. Harvey Harmon, Mrs. Roy Barrette (2), and Mrs. George Jones.

Men exhibitors—Scott Nearing.

Junior exhibitors—Helen Holt.

House plants—Isabel Condon (2), Mrs. Pearl Tainter and Mrs. Hazel Haskell.

Specimens—Mrs. Harvey Harmon, Mrs. Hazel Haskell, Virginia Walton, Betty Waters, Helen Nearing, Mrs. K. Parson, Marjorie Laler and Louise Cutter (3), Kenneth Parson (3), Roy Barrette, Mrs. Irene Anderson, Una LeBoutillier, Charles Ferden (5), Ethel Ladd and Bette Davis.

Fruit—Helen Nering and Fay Wiesing.

Judges were Mrs. Robert Ames, Castine; Mrs. Francis Nichols, Blue Hill; and Mrs. Frederick Jenkins, Belfast.