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Web exclusive, January 26, 1961
REMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, January 26, 1961
Two Sedgwick youths fall through ice while hunting on Salt Pond
The Weekly Packet, Celebrating our 50th year

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Unharmed after their dousing were David Carter, 15, left, and Isaac Allen, 16, center. The two fell through the ice on the Salt Pond Thursday while rabbit hunting. Stephen Carter, 13, right, assisted in the hunt and the rescues, but didn’t fall in.

Penobscot Bay Press file photo

Rabbits almost were the downfall of two Sedgwick boys last Thursday who, in 18 above temperatures, fell through the ice on the Salt Pond while
returning from a hunt.  

David Carter, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter, North Sedgwick, and Isaac Allen, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, North Sedgwick, suffered little more than discomfort from the cold as a result of their experience. David’s brother, Stephen, 13, also on the hunt, was the lucky one of the trio—he didn’t fall in.  

The boys had been hunting and decided to try Carleton Island in the Salt Pond.
Returning to the mainland, David slightly in the lead, they were walking on the ice above
a high-run tide.  

“The next thing I knew,” said David, “I was I was in the water.”  

Although there was no current where he went in, the water was quite deep—well over
his head. Isaac grabbed David by his hands and Stephen got hold of David’s feet. Between them they managed to get him out of the water.  

They had gone but a short distance when Isaac, running for the shore, hit a soft
spot and went through the ice. David pulled him out.  

The three made their way across the remaining stretch of ice without further
mishap, crossed a field and went to the Wayne Allen home. Allen took the boys to
their own homes, cold but unhurt.  

They didn’t even lose their gun.  

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