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Web exclusive, April 6, 1961
REMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, April 6, 1961
Sedgwick carpenter invents tool to do work of six
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Frank Carter, Sedgwick, is a carpenter who doesn’t like to climb up and down ladders after tools.

So he invented one to save him trips.

The new tool, “Carter Six-in-One,” is now in the process of being patented, Carter says. He has communicated with a couple of tool firms, both of which have been interested in marketing it, he said.

Essentially, it is a handle with a detachable head and two detachable accessories. By changing the location of the handle and accessories, the tool can do the work of six.

Carter has made two wooden models of the tool.


The tool will have a tenite handle around a steel shaft. The axe-shaped head screws onto the shaft and the accessory heads screw onto the main head.

With the handle in the normal position, the tool is a right-handed hatchet. By reversing the handle to the top of the head, it becomes a left-handed hatchet.

Putting the handle in the end results in a chisel, and on the flat side it becomes an adze. With the handle in normal position, a steel plug can be screwed into the end of the head, giving a hammer. The steel plug can be replaced with a claw to make it a nail puller.

Carter days this is the first tool he has invented. He thought it up in just a few minutes, then spent several hours getting it down on paper and making a model.

He hasn’t yet received final word from the patent office on whether the patent has been granted.

Carter lives at the edge of Sedgwick village. He is the father of seven children—Eleanor (Mrs. Linwood) Woodworth, Juanita (Mrs. Arthur) Wood, Brenda 16, David 14, John 11, Florence 9, and Susan 6.