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Blue Hill
Web exclusive, April 3, 1961
REMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, April 13, 1961
Blue Hill groups to stage original, home-written farce
The Weekly Packet, Celebrating our 50th year

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A TOUCH OF SPRING, the real thing, was in the air Sunday, so Albert Collins, Blue Hill, took the opportunity to put his lobster boat back in the water. He sold it, and, just before the snowstorm broke Monday, the new owner set out for Rockland. It wasn’t the best weather to be on the water, but due to absence of reports from the Coast Guard, Collins assumes he made it.

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A play, home-written and home-produced, is in the rehearsal stage of Blue Hill Odd Fellows and Rebekahs.

Portraying the doings in a Blue Hill district school in the early ’90’s, the farce was written by the group under the direction of Dr. Philip Gray.

There are old costumes, old songs, old jokes and a romance between a new teacher and the chairman of the Blue Hill School Committee, says Dr. Gray. He plays the part of the committee chairman.

Mrs. Donald Wescott is the school teacher, Cecilia Simpkins from Surry.

Others in the cast are Basil Grindle, constable Cotton; Walter Woods, town drunk; the school students Don Wescott, Pork; Frank Day, Beans; Fred Greene, Wheezy; Cecil Emerson, Scrapper; Mrs. Frank Day, Molly; Mrs. Basil Grindle, Dolly; George Candage, Horsie; Eliot Sweet, Stupe; Fred Astbury, Les; Rosalie Emerson, Rosie; and Esther Astbury, Goldilocks.

Date for the presentation of “School Daze” has not been set.