Photo Feature

Joel McGraw’s gift

The residents of East Blue Hill and their guests were invited to the East Blue Hill Public Library on Saturday, June 14, for refreshments before gathering at noon around the cairn the late Joel McGraw built for the Village. Over 50 were present around the sculpture in the Village Playground. A marker explaining the gift was displayed for the first time and brief remarks were shared by Richard Wands, who had asked Joel on behalf of the Village Improvement Association to create such a sculpture; Dick Gibson, with whom Joel had once crewed on the Marion to Bermuda Sailing Race towing one of the dories and the famous puppet, Dar, he had made; Joel’s sister, Marjorie Longwood, and others. This was not a memorial for Joel but a time of gathering to receive his gift to the people of East Blue Hill who, “when they saw it would remember all those who had preceded them in this place” in Joel’s words. The marker reads: “A gift to the people of East Blue Hill by Joel Long McGraw, 1947-2013.”

Photo courtesy Marion Long