Photo Feature

Happy 100th birthday to Barbara Steele

Barbara Steele, a resident of Parker Ridge in Blue Hill, Maine turned 100 years old on Saturday, June 28, 2014 and her family turned out to celebrate. Steele, a librarian and genealogy researcher, raised two sons, Peter Clemens Steele, seated to her left, and Jeffrey Lyon Steele (not shown), at her right. Family members traveled from Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York to attend the birthday luncheon at Parker Ridge, with “a bunch” from Maine also in attendance, said relative Anne Stadden of Surry. Most of the out-of-town family members planned to spend the weekend, and already the visit was filled with “family, friendships, food and photographs,” said Jeffrey Steele. Born in Bennington, Vt., Steele received degrees from Middlebury College and Columbia University and worked in corporate libraries and at the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, D.C. She began spending summers in Surry in 1949 and eventually became one of the first residents of Parker Ridge.

Photo by Anne Berleant