Josh “Chicken” Carter eats 152 oysters to win the 2014 championship.

Photo by Anne Berleant

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Eleventh annual Jared Grindle tournament to play on four fields

The Peninsula —

Early September draws out the softball player in many, as dozens of teams suit up and take to the field for the Jared C. Grindle One Pitch Co-ed Softball Tournament. ...

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28 years and 152 oysters later, a new king is crowned

Clapp shows how to turn property into wildlife oasis

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sedgwick teachers take the ice bucket challenge
Sedgwick teachers take the ice bucket challenge

Sedgwick school takes the challenge, passes it on

Sedgwick —

The ice bucket challenge. Everyone’s doing it! And on September 5 at Sedgwick Elementary School, first grader Jovin Pesek challenged staff and teachers to a cold, wet wake-up call after ...

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Blue Hill Selectmen drop float insurance, discuss timetable for removal

Without site manager, Blue Hill’s Community Café stays closed

GSA Eagles kick off the season

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Students and staff at Brooksville Elementary School on the new bus
Students and staff at Brooksville Elementary School on the new bus

Farewell fundraiser brings headliners to Congregational church

Blue Hill —

Among the finest of Peninsula musicians will join fellow church members for a musical goodbye to Pastor Rob McCall and Becky McCall—Noel Paul Stookey, Paul Sullivan and Jay Peterson headline ...

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Blue Hill Garage owners continue family tradition

Blue Hill free health clinic plans to reopen in October

Blue Hill Women’s Health Care hosts “birth” day party in the park

GSA plans Homecoming Weekend

Blue Hill petanque club holds national tournament

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blue Hill Roundabout is weed free
Blue Hill Roundabout is weed free

Andrea Brown is the face—and the company—behind Union 76’s shiny, new buses

Sedgwick —

How do you turn a small student transportation company into a million-dollar venture? Perseverance helps. So does a solid local reputation.

Andrea Brown Busing, a Sedgwick business operated by ...

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Art and farming mingle at Reversing Falls Sanctuary